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Welcome to Radhe Krishna Brass Products

We manufacture mainly Forging Fitting Parts, Brass Anchor, Automation Parts, Brass Terminal, Brass Socket, Brass Conduit Fittings Like Bushes And Adaptors. Crimping Tools Brass Screws, Inserts, Fasteners, Fixtures & Other Components Mainly Used In Industries Like Electric, Electronic, Building Hardware, Compression And Plumbing, Furniture, Plastic Etc. On Regular Basis With Quality To Meet International Standards.

All our products conform to International Standards and are tested in a Namas approved laboratory in U.K., for British Standard.

Our culture, mindset and attitude enables us to compete successfully in the world market place. We at Radhe Krishna Brass Products believe that the search for excellence is a continuous process and our achievements are purely milestones in the long journey.

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About Us
"The success of Radhe Krishna Brass Products has been founded on the ability to provide the correct hinge for every application. In the unlikely event a customer cannot find the desired product from our catalogue, we will be delighted to manufacture to his own specification. Whether in administrative buildings, hotels, schools, hospitals or residential buildings.

The list of products is by no means exhaustive and being a dynamic group we are always keep on adding new products to our range.